Recent Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan

The Taliban has recently increased fights in Afghanistan attempting to hit at the heart of the country. This week alone, they blew up a car bomb and engaged in a firefight against special operations soldiers in the streets near the Spanish embassy, and attacked the Kandahar airport where they killed dozens of civilians and wounded dozens more.

After the attack on the guesthouse near the Spanish embassy, the Taliban had this to say, “The presence of our Mujahideen with weapons and a car loaded with explosives in such a high security area shows God’s support and the cooperation of the poor and Muslim people,” (1) The Taliban have the goal to break down the western back government. There are those that doubt they can do that after foreign powers have put so many resources into Afghanistan,  and with Afghanistan’s own security forces now countering most of the Taliban attacks instead of depending on US or other foreign troops to handle all of the Taliban for them.

Peace talks between the Taliban and four other countries including The United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China  were going to happen in the Summer, but just when the talks were about to commence it was revealed that the Taliban did not have a strong leadership at the time and that there was a lot of internal struggles. Their leader had been dead for years.

The four governments were considering another attempt at the peace talks after a few months of relative calm in the capital, Kabul, but there    are doubts of it happening with the Taliban being reinvigorated after these attacks and being to launch at strategic points. There are other who say that the Taliban is realizing they cannot win militarily and will want to start negotiations.

“There is an affirmation of the need now to engage in this process or maybe, more accurately, reengage in it,” said U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, who attended the conference in Islamabad.

Although most analysts think substantive talks could still be months away, Blinken said officials are hopeful that the Taliban is receiving the message that “it can’t achieve its goals militarily.”(2)

China has business interests in the country and has been encouraging stability in order for the businesses to progress, they have also been doing some training for the security forces. Pakistan has commented saying they would be willing to work with the forces in Afghanistan as long as there is mutual respect (2)




2. Salahuddin



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