Opposition Win In Venezuela

Not only did Venezuelans decide to vote in favor of the opposition to rule the national assembly, but they have the vast majority, which gives them the opportunity to make drastic changes in the country. For the past two years since Hugo Chavez’s death the country has been struggling economically. They are living in the country with some of the highest oil reserves in the world, and the economy is shrinking. While many people supported the leadership methods of Hugo Chavez and his modern day socialism, they have decided that it is a time for change. This change comes at a time when inflation is very high, the price of oil is lower than it has been in a very long time, which has been detrimental to Venezuela, because it’s considered to be the “lifeblood” of the nation. (1)

While this has been a big victory for the opposition they are far from being able to do whatever they want. Chavez’s protege, Nicolas Maduro is still going to be in office as President until 2019. Much credit should be given to Maduro’s government though because they have given the people an opportunity to choose for themselves who should lead the country. While he conceded and admitted defeat, he thinks that the only reason his party lost is because of the economic struggles against the United States.

The question remains, what will happen now that the opposition has won for the first time in 16 years. (2)The opposition wishes to free some political prisoners, but that could prove to be challenging. The leader of the opposition was imprisoned earlier this year after allegedly starting violent protests that resulted in the deaths of 43 citizens. There are two conflicting sides to the story though, and in the coming months we will see just how much power the opposition has.

The elections were free, the president admitted defeat for his party, almost 75 percent of people eligible to vote did so. It seems it was a victory for democracy, but the president did have this to say in his concession speech. “It’s not a time to cry, it’s a time to fight. The struggle for socialism is just beginning- we are experts in starting over, came from the streets, we are the people of difficulties,”(3)


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